Job Descriptions

All positions that exist currently at Utah County are listed here. This is merely a list of all exisiting positions, not a list of open positions. To see open positions, please apply here.

Ad Valorem Commercial Appraiser I3325
Ad Valorem Commercial Appraiser II3326
Administrative Associate - Assessing and Collecting6540
Administrative Associate - Assessor6541
Appraisal Auditor3009
Appraiser I3000
Appraiser II - Residential3001
Appraiser III - Residential3005
Assessment Analyst3544
Assessment Technician I6552
Assessment Technician II6550
Board of Equalization Project Manager 2545
Certified General Appraiser3548
Chief Deputy - County Assessor1540
Commercial Appraisal Supervisor3547
Commercial Appraiser3541
Commercial Property Manager2540
Data Analyst I3107
Data Analyst II3108
Data Analyst III3543
Data Manager - Assessor2543
Data Systems Coordinator3549
Farmland Assessment Analyst3499
General Manager - Assessor2544
Office Supervisor - Assessor3545
Parcel Processor3040
Personal Property Supervisor3500
Residential Appraisal Supervisor3106
Senior Support Specialist3601
Valuation Manager2542
Bureau Chief - Investigations1126
Chief Deputy - County Attorney1022
Confidential Administrative Associate - Attorney6700
Deputy County Attorney I2711
Deputy County Attorney II2712
Deputy County Attorney III2713
Deputy County Attorney IV2714
Deputy County Attorney V2715
Legal Assistant6703
Legal Systems Specialist6706
Office Administrator - Attorney6702
Office Specialist - Attorney6709
Sergeant - Investigations3094
Special Investigator4490
Victim and Witness Coordinator - Attorney5006
Accounting Manager2114
Accounting Technician6240
Administrative Associate - Tax Administration6227
Assistant Budget Manager2112
Assistant Controller2226
Associate Director - Financial Services2090
Audit Manager2222
Budget Analyst2228
Budget Manager2221
Chief Deputy - County Auditor1010
Director of Financial Services1224
Division Manager - Public Services and Tax Administration2010
ERP Project Manager2015
Grants Accounting Manager2113
Junior Accountant2116
Purchasing Agent2016
Purchasing Manager2281
Senior Accountant2115
Senior Budget Analyst2019
Senior Internal Auditor2012
Senior Office Specialist - Auditor6215
Staff Internal Auditor2014
Tax Relief Program Coordinator6228
Training Coordinator2110
Children's Justice Center
Assistant Clinical Coordinator - CJC2046
Associate Director - Children's Justice Center2353
Children's Treatment Coordinator I2352
Children's Treatment Coordinator II2370
Clinical Coordinator I - CJC2351
Clinical Coordinator II - CJC2371
Clinical Supervisor - CJC2357
Director - Children's Justice Center1140
Family Services Provider I2378
Family Services Provider II2373
Forensic Interviewer I - CJC2379
Forensic Interviewer II - CJC2372
Forensic Interviewer Technician5350
Medical Assistant - CJC3352
Medical Supervisor - CJC2358
Nurse Practitioner - CJC2028
Senior Office Specialist - CJC6370
Treatment Supervisor - CJC2354
Victim Advocate Coordinator - CJC5370
Assistant Director - Elections2227
Chief Deputy - County Clerk1019
Confidential Administrative Associate - Clerk6010
Customer Service Associate - Clerk6220
Customer Service Supervisor6014
Digital Services Supervisor6015
Elections Compliance Specialist6013
Elections Coordinator2224
Elections Director1225
Elections Project Specialist 6016
Elections Specialist I6221
Elections Specialist II6224
Elections Supervisor6225
Elections Technical Lead3225
General Information Assistant6877
Office Specialist - Clerk6214
Public Services and Records Manager2119
Records Management Specialist3066
Records Management Supervisor3068
Senior Office Specialist - Clerk6213
County Administrator1289
Grants Administrator2216
Program Coordinator - ARPA/Budget2217
Senior Policy Advisor - Commission2289
Administrative Associate - Environmental Health6680
Administrative Associate - Health6630
Administrative Associate - Nursing6681
Administrative Associate - WIC6601
Administrative Nurse Practitioner2631
Bureau Director - Environmental Health1053
Bureau Director - Nursing1056
Business Manager - Health6430
Clinical Assistant I6603
Clinical Assistant II6604
Community Health Outreach Worker - COVID5634
Community Health Outreach Worker - Home Visitation5143
Deputy Director - Health1051
Deputy Registrar I6606
Deputy Registrar II6607
Deputy Registrar Supervisor6609
Division Director - Environmental Health1052
Division Director - Nursing1055
Division Director - WIC1063
Drone Pilot3630
Emergency Coordinator1151
Emergency Response Planner2633
Environmental Health Scientist I3610
Environmental Health Scientist II3010
Environmental Health Technician3003
Executive Director - Health1300
Health Education Technician3121
Health Educator I3620
Health Educator II3120
Health Promotions Director1059
Home Visitation Community Outreach Specialist5632
Home Visitation Nurse Supervisor2630
Home Visitation Public Health Nurse II2636
Lactation Support Specialist I5624
Lactation Support Specialist II5623
Licensed Practical Nurse3012
Media Coordinator2632
Medical Billing Specialist - Health6611
Medical Surge Capacity Coordinator2640
Mosquito Abatement Field Supervisor3700
Mosquito Abatement Manager1060
Nurse Supervisor2025
Office Specialist - Environmental Health6614
Office Specialist - Health Promotion6615
Office Specialist I - Nursing6631
Office Specialist II - Nursing6632
Office Supervisor - WIC6618
Opioid Response Coordinator2637
Prevention Specialist I5358
Prevention Specialist II5357
Program Assistant - Senior Services6095
Program Manager - Environmental Health3011
Program Manager - Health Promotion3122
Program Manager - Lactation Services2680
Program Manager - Prevention2050
Program Manager - Public Information, Quality Improvement, and Assessment2240
Program Manager - Senior Services2020
Public Health Informaticist2634
Public Health Nurse I2021
Public Health Nurse II2022
Public Health Nurse III2023
Public Health Nutritionist I5013
Public Health Nutritionist II2026
School Nurse I2131
School Nurse II2132
School Nurse III2133
School Nurse Supervisor2134
Senior Clinical Assistant6605
Senior Deputy Registrar6608
Senior Lactation Support Specialist5622
Senior Medical Billing Specialist6610
Senior Office Specialist - Environmental Health6616
Senior Office Specialist - Health Promotion6617
Senior Office Specialist - Mosquito Abatement6500
Senior Office Specialist - Nursing6633
Senior Public Health Informaticist2638
Senior WIC Health Technician6621
Vehicle Emission Supervisor3018
Vehicle Emissions Compliance Specialist3014
Vehicle Emissions Technical Specialist3015
WIC Clinic Director2018
WIC Clinic Manager2017
WIC Health Technician I6690
WIC Health Technician II6620
Human Resources
Benefits Analyst2283
Benefits and Engagement Manager2280
Compensation Analyst2251
Compensation Manager2285
Human Resources Analyst2286
Human Resources Business Partner2080
Human Resources Specialist3284
Office Administrator - Human Resources6295
Office Specialist I - Human Resources6802
Office Specialist II - Human Resources6280
Office Specialist III - Human Resources6281
Payroll Administrator2210
Safety and Risk Manager2081
Senior Human Resources Business Partner2229
Talent Management Analyst2282
Information Systems
Administrative Associate - Information Systems6962
Associate Director - Information Systems1135
Computer Technician3021
Database Administration Supervisor2960
Database Administrator2965
DevOps Engineer2966
Director - Information Systems1075
Division Manager - IT Operations2075
Division Manager - Programming2032
GIS Manager2900
GIS Programmer2038
GIS Systems Analyst3056
Information Systems Manager - Law Enforcement2033
IT Procurement and Inventory Manager2962
IT Project Manager2967
Lead Integration Programmer2963
Office Administrator - Information Systems6963
Programmer I3027
Programmer II2030
Programmer III2031
Programming Team Supervisor2968
Senior Programmer2964
Systems Administrator2961
UI/UX Designer2969
Justice Court
Assistant Justice Court Administrator3801
Justice Court Administrator2801
Justice Court Clerk I6150
Justice Court Clerk II6151
Justice Court Clerk III6152
Public Works
Administrative Associate - Community Development6930
Associate Director - Community Development2041
Associate Director - Public Works1115
Building Inspector - Combination3031
Building Inspector - Limited3030
Building Official2042
Business Manager - Public Works6430
Carpentry Supervisor7700
County Fire Marshal4201
Custodial Services Coordinator8004
Director - Public Works / County Engineer1004
Division Manager - Buildings and Grounds2092
Division Manager - Communications2097
Division Manager - Engineering2094
Division Manager - Fleet Services2095
Division Manager - Parks and Trails2096
Division Manager - Roads and Weeds2093
Engineering Technician I7005
Engineering Technician II3043
Engineering Technician Supervisor3046
Equipment Operator - Lead7022
Equipment Operator I7020
Equipment Operator I - Weed Control7018
Equipment Operator II7021
Equipment Operator II - Weed Control7019
Executive Assistant - Public Works6873
Facilities Maintenance Specialist I7876
Facilities Maintenance Specialist II7002
Facilities Maintenance Specialist III7877
Fire Inspector4206
Fleet Services Supervisor7036
HVAC-R Mechanic II7004
Landscape Maintenance Specialist I8802
Landscape Maintenance Specialist II8801
Landscape Maintenance Specialist III8800
Landscape Supervisor7600
Lead Mechanic7879
Lock and Door Specialist7001
Maintenance Supervisor7500
Mechanic Assistant7013
Mechanic I7033
Mechanic II7031
Mechanic III7878
Office Specialist - Public Works6876
Parks Maintenance Supervisor8879
Parks/Trails Maintenance Specialist I8902
Parks/Trails Maintenance Specialist II8901
Parks/Trails Maintenance Specialist III8900
Permit Technician3058
Planner I2039
Planner II2040
Planning Supervisor2044
Planning Technician3060
Public Works Project Manager2871
Roads Supervisor7023
Security Electronics Specialist I3100
Security Electronics Specialist II3803
Senior Office Specialist - Public Works6874
Telecommunications Specialist I3891
Telecommunications Specialist II3892
Telecommunications Specialist III3893
Trails Maintenance Supervisor8878
Warehouse Administrator7035
Weed Control Supervisor7800
Administrative Cadastral Analyst3063
Administrative Supervisor - Recorder6112
Associate County Recorder1602
Coordinating Manager - Recorder2546
Customer Service Associate I6560
Customer Service Associate II6561
Customer Service Associate III6562
GIS Cadastral Analyst - Lead3067
GIS Cadastral Analyst I3061
GIS Cadastral Analyst II3062
GIS Cadastral Supervisor3064
GIS Cadastral Technician3050
GIS Mapping Development Analyst3562
Quality Control Analyst - Recorder3070
Recording Associate - Lead6570
Recording Associate I6567
Recording Associate II6568
Recording Associate III6569
Accounting Associate6050
Battalion Chief - Wildland Fire4207
Business Manager - Sheriff6430
Captain - Wildland Fire4407
Case Manager - Sheriff2491
Chief Deputy - Corrections1422
Chief Deputy - Enforcement1420
Clinical Coordinator- RISE2492
Control Board Operator4021
Corrections Records Associate6493
Corrections Records Supervisor6469
Corrections Registered Nurse2065
County Fire Chief4200
Crime Analyst6471
Crime Analyst Supervisor6470
Deputy Sheriff - Corrections4009
Deputy Sheriff I - Corrections4911
Deputy Sheriff I - Corrections (Under 21)4919
Deputy Sheriff I - Enforcement4015
Deputy Sheriff I - Judicial4012
Deputy Sheriff II - Corrections4011
Deputy Sheriff II - Enforcement4016
Deputy Sheriff II - Judicial4024
Deputy Sheriff Trainee - Corrections4008
Emergency Management Assistant3491
Emergency Management Planner3492
Employment Coordinator - Sheriff3400
Evidence and Crime Lab Supervisor3090
Evidence Custodian5042
Executive Assistant - Sheriff6499
Food Service Administrator - Sworn2415
Food Service Coordinator8490
Food Service Manager - Sworn3098
Forensic Technician3494
Health Services Administrator - Corrections2067
Investigative Specialist - Warrants6308
Jail Booking Clerk6492
Jail Property Clerk6460
Lieutenant - Corrections2530
Lieutenant - Enforcement2531
Nursing Supervisor - Corrections2066
Offender Classification Specialist2037
Offender Compliance Specialist6495
Office Coordinator - Jail Programs6491
Office Coordinator - Judicial6496
Office Coordinator - Sheriff6497
Office Specialist - Corrections6487
Office Specialist - Enforcement6486
Office Specialist - Operations6485
Physician Assistant - Corrections2400
Program Assistant - Wildland Fire6490
Registered Nurse - Sworn4006
Senior Accounting Associate6051
Senior Evidence Custodian5043
Senior Forensic Technician3495
Senior Office Specialist - Corrections6484
Senior Office Specialist - Enforcement6483
Senior Office Specialist - Operations6482
Sergeant - Administration3097
Sergeant - Corrections3092
Sergeant - Enforcement3091
Sergeant - Judicial3093
Squad Lieutenant - Wildland Fire4499
Under Sheriff1400
Victim Advocate - Sheriff5051
Victim Assistance Program Coordinator - Sheriff5405
Chief Deputy - County Surveyor1800
Chief Survey Technician3052
Field Director - Surveyor3055
Mapping Specialist - Surveyor3508
Survey Technician I3048
Survey Technician II3049
Chief Deputy - County Treasurer1541
Property Collections Manager2541
Property Collections Supervisor3002
Property Tax Associate I6587
Property Tax Associate II6588
Property Tax Associate III6589